Get Rid of Acne Scars Permanently With Dermefface Fx7

Anyone who has suffered with acne will tell you that perhaps the worst part of the whole experience is the unsightly scarring. Having acne is awful, even painful for many people, but to be left with scars for years afterward is adding insult to injury. Here are some ideas for getting rid of acne scars.

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An Ounce of Prevention…
Since you can’t get acne scars if you never have acne, it might be a good idea to see a dermatologist early on when you develop acne. This is especially true if scarring acne seems to run in your family. If you treat acne early in the flare-up, you can reduce the chance that you’ll develop scars. Not only can a dermatologist help you fight acne, he can help you determine triggers in your life that cause outbreaks.

If you already have scars, along with acne, then you have a double battle to fight. You’ll have to treat your existing acne and prevent further outbreaks, and you need to start treating the scars you already have.

What is an Acne Scar?
When a pimple gets inflamed, the pore can be damaged. Usually, a pore with a blackhead or whitehead in it will heal. But if it doesn’t, the body will create extra skin to close over the area, creating a scar. Since the scar was created to repair damage, you’ll have to find a way to replace the extra skin tissue with smoother, undamaged skin cells.

Whether or not you can get rid of acne scars will depend on 2 things: the severity of the scarring and the method of treatment you use. Of course, the more severe your scarring is, the more commitment you have to make in time and effort to get rid of the scars.

* Laser Resurfacing: In Laser Resurfacing, a carbon dioxide laser incinerates the damaged skin one layer at a time. The doctor controls the depth of the treatment, being careful not to get into the subcutaneous tissues that produce healthy skin cells. As the damaged skin is removed, new, less damaged skin is formed. As the new layer of skin becomes mature, it can be removed with a laser, revealing even healthier skin to replace it. The process is continued until the maximum removal of scarring is accomplished.

* Dermabrasion: In dermabrasion, a spinning wire brush, or wheel with diamond dust on it, is used to literally sand the scarred skin away. In about three weeks, the new skin will be mature, and ready for dermabrasion. Again, the process is repeated until maximum scar removal is achieved.

* Chemical Peels: With a chemical peel, and acidic solution is daubed onto the skin. The chemical peels the scarred skin cells away, revealing newer skin beneath. You can do mild chemical peels at home, though for the deep penetrating chemicals, you are advised to seek the help of a dermatologist.

* Punch Grafts: This sounds really scary, and it is. For deep acne scars, or the pitted kind of scaring with a narrow opening with a larger pore beneath, the dermatologist may recommend punch grafting. The doctor will use a punch type tool to remove the damaged area, then graft skin over the spot where he removed the damage. The skin usually comes from behind the ear.

Does This Work?
Each of the above treatments work quite well for some individuals. Some people prefer one procedure over another, or have less successful results with one or the other treatments. The treatments for removing scar tissue mean accelerating the sloughing off of damaged, scarred skin, and encouraging the development of healthy tissues to replace them. The above mentioned treatments are designed to remove skin down to the freshest layer possible, encouraging the body to make new skin cells faster to replace those just lost. In doing so, the scarred tissue is sloughed off, sometimes years before it would have been naturally. If you’ll clean up your diet, add more water to your intake, and take colon cleanse tablets to rid your system of toxins that could otherwise exit through your pores, you stand a much better chance of avoiding acne problems in the first place.

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